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šŸ’–Girl Power SuperšŸ’„SalonšŸ’†Spa

šŸŽ€ You can wear wonderful makeup on Super Girls šŸ‘§

Girl Power SuperšŸ’„SalonšŸ’†Spa

šŸ’Ž With this game you can create your own superstar style and become the most brilliant and beautiful of Superheroines šŸ’Ž

It’s your chance to test your beauty skills and make beautiful women’s Superheroines, making numerous combinations of makeup, eye shadows, gorgeous haircuts, hairstyles, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, glamorous lipsticks and diamond stones, eyebrows, lashes And many more beautiful and wonderful accessories. Can make applique, bright blushes, face paintings.

Girl Power Super Salon Spa

For you can choose how to use the makeup and look wonderful for the Superheroines

Features šŸŽ€:
šŸ’† You can do spa and makeup
šŸ’‡ Lots of makeup, costumes and accessories to choose from
šŸ’„ Beautiful Powerful girls of different skin colors

How to play šŸŽ€:
šŸŽ® Use the interactive controls easy to play the game.
šŸ¦„ Choose your Superheroines and take care of the haircut adds accessories and skin care


Various haircuts, delicate accessories, stylish eyeglasses and dazzling cosmetics, all those things that are offered to you, from walnut soup. Want to create a sweet and beautiful look? Or would you rather be an extraordinary rocker? Here, you can be whatever you want. What’s more, you can take a picture and sign your name to make it unique. Dear, a beauty shining like you should always shine. Come on! Makeup makeup Let’s go in style, and let’s go for a while!

Some princesses do not have an ounce of fashion sense. They never had to choose their own clothes or makeup, so when their personal stylist got sick, they needed someone to keep them beautiful for the kingdom. You’ve been hired as a professional for the three beauty girls personal, and it’s your job to make them gorgeous storybook! In Super Princess Salon, use all the salon clothes, tools and accessories to keep the princesses in the latest fashions! They will be the envy of all the girls in the kingdom with their fashion skills!